50’s イギリス軍KINGS OWN BORDER ヴィンテージキャンバスショルダーバッグIND1478


生地に押されたスタンプには1953の文字がありました、イギリス軍KINGS OWN BORDERにて使用されていた生地を解体、再構築した縦長ショルダーバッグになります。

I have made this shoulder bag from fabric with a stamp that has the letters “1953” on it, sourced from fabric used by the British military KINGS OWN BORDER.
The fabric was disassembled and reconstructed. It’s made of natural fabric, painted with red paint, and stenciled with black ink on top, creating a distinctive and eye-catching appearance.

The shoulder strap is 4cm wide to match the hardware used. The top edge is trimmed with red bridle leather to complement the red paint. Due to its height, it seems more suitable for wearing over the shoulder rather than diagonally. With its punchy style, it could serve both practical and decorative purposes.

Handle : None
Pocket : old British Military canvas
Rivet :None
Fabric from the UK, sewing in Japan.


W40cm / H42cm / D14cm 底横幅30cm / Shoulder belt MAX65cm(襷掛けというよりも肩掛けを想定してます)