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60年代にイギリス軍RRF(5th Battalion,Royal Regiment of Fusiliers)で使用されていたキャンバスを解体再構築したトートバックになります。

鞄に付いているホックはLift the Dot(亀の甲ホック)になります。開け閉めする際にはちょっとしたコツがありますので、こちらの動画を参考にして頂けたらと思います。


This tote bag is made from canvas used by the British Army RRF (5th Battalion, Royal Regiment of Fusiliers) in the 60’s. The canvas was disassembled and reconstructed.
Very nice painted canvas. The letters are about 6 cm long and 4 cm wide, so they stand out very well. The letters are painted in white paint over the black paint, and a red and white border is drawn under the letters. The color of the body is olive, but the front is painted with this wonderful paint and the back is khaki.

Handle : 3.8mm thick 18mm wide Italian vegetable tanning leather.
Pocket : Military bed sheets fabric
Rivet :reinforced handle with copper rivets
Fabric from Nederland, sewing in Japan.

W40cm / H41.5cm / D14cm 底横幅30cm / Handle26cm


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